She is one of the two artist I met at Kaleidoskop tonight. She come from Chile. She has studied art and education in Chile, worked as professor assistant in school for the drawing curse.

Her work is about the intimacy and  personal life. She used agenda to create her drawings support. One the first one she used her own agenda and drew herself portrait. On the draw she is sleeping, a moment of intimacy, then the agenda used for the support was already used and its a kind of her own life mark. The second one is made from her partner’s agenda and it is a portrait of him as photographer. She wants to make a set of drawings. The drawing is really interesting in the relation with the public. The spectator is place in a situation where if he wants to look at the note writen in the agenda can’t see the whole drawing, but if he watchs the whole drawing can’t have acces to the intimacy of the writing. This relation create a deplacement for the spectator playing with the distance between him and the drawing. Moreover it’s all these little notes which creates the personnality, the final drawing. And Veronica really likes to work with the agenda because for her, each pages used is full of the history of the moment when they have been writen.

For a personal point of view it was really interesting to meet her and spoke about her work because I already worked about my private life and it was interesting to compare our point of view and way to approach this subject.

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1 Response to Veronica SILVA BRUCE

  1. Verónica says:

    Gracias por el reportaje, no lo había visto.
    Verónica Silva

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